NeuroAcoustic Sonic Induction Therapy (BioTuning)

NeuroAcoustic Sonic Induction Therapy (BioTuning) and Energy Medicine Techniques

What is BioTuning?

"Bio-Tuning", a word coined by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, D.C., BFA, to describe his Scientific Holistic Healing modality, is a non-invasive, non-drug, deep-reaching, technologically-formatted, vibro-acoustic-visual therapy.  It is therapy for the root cause of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual symptoms, however manifested.  Simply put, "Bio-Tuning" energetically balances your brain, nervous system, and biochemical systems through the use of vibro-acoustics.  Having worked very closely with Dr. Thompson for 14 years, Dr Yniguez follows and adhers to the same cosmic law of healing in a hierarchical framework taught to her by Dr Thompson.  As a result, "Bio-Tuning's" potency not only comes from this law but is also formatted and applied in a scientific and compassionate manner.  As the brain and nervous system are balanced and the body-mind-spirit system empowered, very subtle to miraculously obvious changes occur.

Balancing your brain, nervous system, and biochemical systems and so assisting you to reclaim your health in every possible aspect is the purpose of "Bio-Tuning".  With this processs, we do not look at or recommend according to diagnosis or illness.  Rather, we look at what your body, brain, and nervous system tell us.  Therefore, each step of the treatment process is very individualized specifically for you.  The fundamental frequency or global healing frequency used for you will be uniquely yours.  Much like a fingerprint is specifically yours, so is your exact "sound print".  No one has an energetic frequency exactly like yours!  And, so it is from that point, that your very individualized vibro-acoustic-visual program is created and followed.

With Phase I of the Neurological Bio-Tuning, the brain and nervous system are brought into balance.  Every cell of your body is resonated using your unique fundamental frequency.  As a result, different categories of toxins, each causing stress within the body and mind that greatly affect your ability to access your true potential are expelled.  These toxins may include 1) toxic metabolic and food waste, 2) emotional toxins of fear, hurt, anger, hatred, unresolved trauma or grief, etc.. and 3) mental toxins of self-limiting beliefs such as beliefs of unworthiness, unlovableness, inadequacy, lack of safety, or negative core beliefs that may involve defectiveness, failure, or not being "good enough".   Once removed though, many patients report feeling calmer with an enhanced ability to cope better with the challenges of the day.  And, most importantly, many experience a feeling of hope about the possibilities and their future.  You can expect to sleep as you've never slept before, think, relate, work, and, in a nutshell, feel better.  As your energy becomes more balanced and positive, your life will change as you will be able to choose how to take better care of yourself or better recognize what is truely in your best interest.

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